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So, I’m starting this back up again in an attempt to better track my workouts and my progress. I wanted to do this last year and failed so here’s to hoping that this year I’m better.

Last Tuesday, New Years Eve, I did my normal Tuesday morning workout of The Firm and hit up a super difficult yoga sculpt class at Core Power in the afternoon because I had a super hot dress to fit into later that evening. Many glasses of Mumm Napa later, I woke up and did almost the entire set of stadiums slowly. Not wise on two accounts:
1. Never do a full set if you haven’t been doing stadiums regularly.
2. Doing stadiums slowly rips apart your hips. Better to run them and feel the cardio burn than walk them and sprain a hip flexor.

That happened. Therefore Thursday was a “I can’t move my leg, wtf” day. Friday was long slow distance. 20 minutes on the erg, 35 minutes on the bike, 15 minutes on the erg. The biking really helped my leg!

Saturday morning I got up and headed to my trainers for some sweaty good times. He took it easy on me since I still couldn’t move my leg much but it got better once I warmed up and I was able to do three sets of ten, 45lbs overhead press followed by two sets of ten, 65lbs. Add in tons of core and arm/shoulder work and I felt really good!

Sunday I did some minor dumbbell work and otherwise rested and stretched. Today was heated yoga. I’m feeling really guilty about being lazy right now. My cardio needs work if I’m going to bit my goals and so does my strength. That said, I’m the thinnest and looking the most muscular I have in the past year. My trainer says I’ve been over training and I need to learn to train smarter, not more.

I’m struggling with what that means but I think it has a lot to do with finding balance. This is going to be my theme for 2014: balance. I need to find it and keep it in all aspects of my life. Its a tough challenge but I’m looking forward to it!


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